About us


Empire Building’s mission is to provide Chicago’s public and private sector with a construction company that works with professionals in the area, committed to creating quality construction/remodeling and focus on offering personalized customer service. Empire Building stands out for its experience and quality in the results of its projects.


To be recognized as a leading company in the construction industry in the United States that offers complete services that include both the design of the project and its execution, in addition to expanding its niche and offering services not only at the residential or corporate level but also industrial. Empire Building, will be recognized for the quality of its works or renovations, in addition to being distinguished from the rest for its professional, close and pleasant treatment with all its clients.



We focus on providing processes of excellence and innovation so that the work carried out has a long and effective validity time.


Have the ability and willingness to perform work under standards of productivity and excellence, in order to provide quality services.


Maintaining the focus to transform and create from excellence the goals that we set with our clients, generating tangible results for the remodeling and construction of a space or environment.


Fulfill obligations based on the optimization of time and resources maintaining our ethics and morals.


Ethical behavior and moral conduct, which respects the loyalty and truth that the client and the collaborator deserve.


Provide security to customers and employees, to believe in the project to be carried out, clarifying expectations and providing advice.